Why Is Mars Expected To Be The Next Earth For Humans?


I would like to die on Mars. Just not on impact.”

Elon Musk

These days, we can hear about the colonization of Mars for humanity to have an another home.

But maybe you might wonder…

“What’s so good about Mars?” or “Why not the other planets”.

In this article, you could learn about how Mars is the best out of all the planets on the solar system right now.

Liquid water Existence In the Past

Did you know that there is evidence that Mars had liquid water in the past?

“Mars has evidence of being warmer in the past and of having stable liquid surface water for potentially hundreds of thousands of years (Talbert).”

This evidence makes it possible that life could have had living creatures in the past with this environment.

If humanity make the environment of the surface of the planet better, maybe we could expand our habitat in the outer space.

Although Mars has a lot of difficulties to live in, this benefit takes up the most of the expectations by the people who are excited to have habitat in there.

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