These Are the Foods You Didn’t know You Can Eat In Space!

Space Foods are what astronauts live throughout their lengthy missions.

The foods are made to be all good, healthy, and has no dangerous problems.

With all that walls facing them, the people has to make a food that supports the astronauts throughout the mission.

Inside the menu of all the foods we can eat in space, I have found some unique foods that you never thought that it would be available in the space.

Check out if there are some that you would like to eat too!

Nissin Cup Noodle Ramen

Ramen is a Japanese/Chinese Noodle with soup with so many variations.

After the first launch of space food Ramen by a food company called Nissin in 2005, they developed several types of Ramen.

Turns out, there were problems for Ramen to be a space food.

There were two problems, which was low temperature in space, and the broth, which can go everywhere when you try to eat it.

The solution for these problems was to thicken the broth so that it won’t go everywhere when you are eating it.

By the way, afterwards in the future, astronaut Soichi Noguchi requested a new Ramen, which was the Yakisoba fried Noodles. This now became a real Space Food in the future.

Mac and Cheese

As you guys know, mac and cheese is a short name for Macaroni and Cheese.

The Cheese is in a form of powder to make it dry, and the macaroni also dry to prevent it to cause damage on the International Space Station.

This is a dish of cooked macaroni pasta and a cheese sauce, most commonly cheddar sauce.

This mac and cheese is filled within a box of 10.2cmX10.2cmX4.4cm big package.


Did you know that you can eat pizza in space?!

In this video, astronauts are cooking pizza by dipping sauce and toppings onto the dough and celebrating their fantastic Pizza Night!

Astronauts made some classic pepperoni pizzas and a normal cheesy pizza.

I’m pretty sure that we would feel mysterious to eat pizzas while looking at our home planet.

Thanksgiving Meals

Thanksgiving meals are also available in the ISS (International Space Station) too!

You may want the turkeys, mashed potatoes, and other foods and drinks that you may want in that day. Share the thankfulness for the harvest and the blessings you have earned last year.

During a space mission of NASA, the astronauts from around the world enjoyed their thanksgiving meals in the ISS.

PB&J Sandwich

In this video, astronaut Shane Kimbrough makes an peanut butter and jelly sandwich in the ISS.

Although, you might wonder why he won’t use a bread but a tortilla for PB&J sandwich, which is one of the main parts, and how we normally make the sandwich.

Turns out, bread is dangerous to eat in a non-gravity space, the bread can’t stay fresh, and the crumbs can fly around which can cause damage to the machines/ equipment.

Like how this is, foods in space are all thought to be safe, delicious, and healthy. This is why so many astronauts can come back to the Earth in the best conditions. *Their muscles are weakened after a mission in space though*


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