The Connection of Venus and Earth


Venus, the 2nd planet far from the Sun, was named after the Roman God of love and beauty by Galileo Galilei for its beautiful look of the planet.

In this article, I will going to talk about this planet’s connection with the Earth.

Terrestrial Planets

It is famous that the 4 planets nearest to Sun are all Terrestrial planets.

According to “The Terrestrial Planets” by NASA, it is mentioned that terrestrial planets are planets that have a “compact, rocky surface like Earth’s terra firma”.

Although, even though both are terrestrial, Venus has a toxic atmosphere filled with carbon dioxide, which makes difference from Earth and makes scientists not wanting to afford living on that planet.


Did you know that water exists in Venus too?

Although it is in a form of steam, Venus has water in its planet.

The reason why the water always being steam is assumed that because the planet’s temperature from -167°C – 464°C, which we can notice that it is much hotter in the planet of Venus.


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