Fun Facts About Earth


Did you know that our home planet Earth is the only found planet in the solar system with a living creature on its ground?

Including this fact, Earth has a lot of features that make this planet unique and special.

You can discover the interesting facts about this planet Earth.

Meaning Of The Name: Earth

According to the article “Earth”, although the other planets on the solar system was named after the Roman gods and goddesses, the name “Earth” was named differently from the others, meaning “The Ground” in the German language.

The AU Length

Did you know that there is a length that measures the distances between planets in solar system, which is based on the distance between the Sun and Earth?

AU is that Unit of Length. This name stands for: A = Astronomical U = Unit.

1 AU is the length from the Sun to the Earth, which can make 0.4 AU about the distance from the Sun to Mercury.

According to the article “Cosmic Distances” by NASA, 1 AU equals to about 150,000,000 kilometers (Metric System).

This can equal to about 3743 times of going around Earth. (150,000,000÷40,075).


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