CRAZY Facts about NASA Space Suit


Space suit is made to protect astronauts from the dangers faced in the space. Sometimes controlling temperatures, or providing oxygen and etc. for the astronauts in the outer space.

But then, maybe you didn’t know some facts behind having a space suit, like its cost to buy or how it feels like if you wearing in Earth.

This article will show you some facts about space suits that you didn’t know.

How Heavy Are Space Suits With Earth Gravity?

Did you know that space suits are SO heavy?

It weighs about 130kg with Earth gravity, which is as heavy as a refrigerators, or a black bear!

Although, I think this is worth it because space suits have so much technologies implied in its suit.


NASA’s space suit for Artemis lll Moon Surface Mission was AxEMU, which was made by the company AXIOM Space.

This space suit was selected by NASA themselves, which was revealed during an event at Space Center Houston in Texas.

This suit costs about $228,000,000 in USD, which is much more than the average cost of Spacesuits, which is about $83 – 122 million today.


Average Cost of Spacesuits

Spacesuit for NASA’s Artemis lll Moon Surface Mission Debuts

Axiom Space

Spacesuit’s Cost


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