What Would Happen If The Sun Was Gone?


The Sun, which is about 93 million miles far away from our planet, is always helping us to get our vital resources, like the liquid water, and giving energy for the plants which we eat.

But then, what happens if our Hot Sun Suddenly Disappears?

I am going to talk about the hypothetical theories about our lives and the Earth when the Sun is gone.

Things that would happen:

The first thing that would happen to the Earth would be the extinction of the small plants on the planet, which stopped photosynthesis.

Resources tell that there are still some survivors on this level, since some trees could survive without photosynthesis for decades.

After that, within a few days, the dropping temperature and the less oxygen by the extinction of the plants will kill the people on the planet.

Ocean’s surface would freeze in few months, and freeze entirely about in a thousand year.

And slowly, the lost gravitational field by the Sun will get the planet to a place somewhere we don’t know, and maybe eventually in an another system.

Although it would be so scary to think of this, you don’t have to worry about it right now, you can be hopeful for tomorrow because there are no signs for the sun to disappear.


What Happens When The Sun Is Gone?

Another Hypothses


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