Fun Facts About Jupiter That You Didn’t Know


As we all know, Jupiter is such a big planet – the biggest in the solar system.

But why is Mars so small but Jupiter so big?

What is that red dot on the surface of the planet?

In this page, I will be answering all the questions written on the list with additional fun facts.

Jupiter Took Mars’ Size

According to “Mars Fact Sheet”, Mars has a radius of 3389.5km.

Resources tell that the planet next to Mars, the fifth planet from the Sun, Jupiter has a radius of 69,911km.

That is about 21x larger than the radius of Mars.

Why is Mars so small, but the planet next to it, the biggest of Solar System?

Resources tell that the reason behind this is that Jupiter’s gravity took Mars’ resources that should’ve been their body. It is estimated that Mars should’ve been about 1.5 – 2 times bigger than the Earth.

The Great Red Spot of Jupiter

The red circle on the surface of Jupiter is called “The Great Red Spot”.

Resources tell that this great red spot is known that it is an “anticyclone swirling around a center of high atmospheric pressure”.

Anticyclone is a weather system with high weight of the atmosphere pressing down on the ground.

This anticyclone is the largest hurricane, which is bigger than the circumference of the Earth.

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