Chicxulub Asteroid – The Murderer of Dinosaurs


About 65 million years ago, an asteroid was coming down to hit the Earth. Its name was Chicxulub Asteroid. This asteroid killed about 75% of Earth’s living creatures, which included the dinosaurs.

This name of the asteroid, “Chicxulub” can define as the devil’s flea in the language of Yucatec Maya.

This asteroid is assumed to be somewhere between 11 and 81 kilometers in diameter, and left a crater over 150 kilometers wide in present day Yucatan in Mexico.

The impact assumed by scientists is about 30,000 times more energetic than any modern day tsunami produced by earthquakes, which makes me not wonder how 1 asteroid affected the strong creatures of the Earth.

Although dinosaurs are said to be extinct, they are said to be evolving into other animals that we can see today. This can represent about the birds who evolved from a group of carnivore called theropods, and the others like chickens, crocodiles, snakes and sharks. This means that dinosaurs were technically not extinct, living in a different form of body that evolved from their original one.


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