The Mysterious Facts of Mercury


As its orbital velocity around the Sun was the fastest in the solar system, this planet’s name was named after the Swiftest Roman God by the Romans.

Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun in the solar system, and also the smallest.

Today, I will talk about the mysterious data/information about the planet of Mercury.

Mercury’s Rotation

Did you know that the rotation of Mercury is slower than the Earth, although Earth does slower orbit?

According to Sabine and John Hopkins University, although the Mercury’s orbit is only 88 Earth days long, its 1 rotation takes about 59 Earth days.

That happens because of the distance between this planet and the Sun.

It is explained in the same article that when a planet is too close, the Sun’s gravity gives out strong tidal forces on the planet, which led the planet to spin so slow.

The Metal Mercury

Did you know that there is also a metal named after the swiftest Roman God?

This metal can turn into liquid at room temperature, which I think why this metal was named (Because it melts so fast).

Although, this type of metal is so dangerous, giving damage to the gastrointestinal tract, the nervous system, and kidneys. Make sure that you don’t swallow it into your mouth!

Mercury (Metal) is shown as Hg for its element symbol too.

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