Mysteries of Black Hole That Isn’t Discovered Yet


Black holes are not called black because they are black, but because they so rudely steal everything in sight.

Stephen Hawking

Black hole is simply, an Empty Space.

These black holes are made of “matter packed so tightly that gravity overwhelms all other forces”. Those are the leavings mostly from a large star that died in a supernova explosion.

This article will show & tell you about the mysteries of black holes that isn’t discovered yet.

What’s Inside The Black Hole?

Black holes are really mysterious that we don’t even know what’s inside it!

Although people know that black hole is packed with matter in every small spots of their space, they don’t specifically know what type of matter is inside that space.

Resources also tell that at the center of a black hole, matter gets compressed into a infinitely tiny object.


What happens at the center of the black hole?

What’s inside a black hole?


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