Starship – The Latest Space Rocket Of SpaceX. What’s So Special About It?


There was a new rocket introduced by SpaceX, the world’s first private company to develop a liquid-propellant rocket that has reached orbit.

Starship, the latest spaceship launched was launched in April 20, 2023.

This spaceship has some unique features that are worth talking about.

The Powerful Rocket

The most unique feature that you have to talk about about Starship is its thrust.

The power that Starship has to push the air/ground has about 33-enfine Super Heavy booster. This generates twice the thrust of the Saturn V, which astronauts was in during the Apollo mission.

Resources tell that this rocket is much larger and far more powerful than NASA’s Artemis Special Launch System too!

‘Make It Pointy’

Did you know that there was a story behind the design of this rocket’s pointy tip?

Although this rocket was originally supposed to have an unsharpened end, Elon Musk changed the design.

Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX suggested to engineers to make the starship pointy, which was drawn from the inspiration of Sacha Baron Cohen movie, ‘The Dictator’.


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