What Are we Able To Do International Space Station?


There maybe a time that you’ve heard about the International Space Station.

This is an orbiting laboratory which provides researchers with the LEO (low-Earth Orbit) with the exposure to space, and a look at our planet Earth.

In this laboratory, 7 people become together to work on their mission.

Although, you could wonder what specific things they do in the lab of the International Space Station.

In this article, I’m going to explain you what kind work/ fun things you could do in the ISS.

Experiments In The Lab

The outer-space has so much different things from the Earth.

For example, some differences are: radiation (high level of dangerous particles), the atmosphere (Vacuum in outer-space), or the gravity (weightless in space).

Using those features of the space, scientists are experimenting on what they can’t experiment in the Earth. That’s how experiments in the ISS are special.

In this section, I am going to show you some discoveries that was found through the experiments in the ISS.

The first one I am going to talk about is the discovery of steadily burning cool flames.

During the FLEX (Flame Extinguishing Experiment), something unexpected for the scientists happened.

A fuel droplet appeared to extinguish but actually continued to burn without a visible flame. The fire went out twice, once with and once without a flame.

The second one I am going to talk about is the better understanding of black holes and pulsars.

Two tools putted on the outside of the space station have worked to advance our knowledge of pulsars and black holes.

The tools were: NICER and MAXI.

First, MAXI found a new X-ray source called “MAXI J1820+070”.

After that, NICER began monitoring the source and determined it to be a black hole binary system containing a black hole with a mass several times of our Sun.

 After NICER tracked this black hole’s evolution, its measurements that was discovered helped the scientists understand how the inner edge of a black hole’s accretion disk(a flattened, circular or elliptical structure that is formed when material falls towards a strong gravitational force) change in size and shape as a black hole consumes material from a star.

Fun/ Amazing Things You Can Do In ISS!

I think you once saw an astronaut make a water bubble in the space.

That is one thing you can do when you go to the outer-space and relax too.

Adding to that, the space with no gravity can fill you with wonder, how gravity won’t be an affect or hindrance to you anymore!

But before doing all that, I think the thing that people would do is to look out the window.

You can take a look at your planet you were living in, a planet with light, blue and green. This would definitely fill you with hope and wonder!

And these were the things you could do if you went to the ISS!


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