Why You MUST Visit The Kennedy Space Center


Kennedy Space Center is one of the most unique NASA field centers existing right now.

This field center is a premier multiuser spaceport with more than 90 private sector partners and about 250 partnership agreements.

As non-NASA worker can get in this center, it has a lot of attractions you MUST meet during your lifetime.

These are the Top 5 Most Exciting Attractions of the Kennedy Space Center.

Comment on which one you like!

#5: Hubble Space Telescope Theater

In this attraction, you can watch how the Hubble space telescope was neatly protected by the astronauts over the course of five grueling service missions.

#4: Explore the Moon

In this section, you can see what took to explore the moon surface.

Other than that, you can touch the moon and walk on it on there projected Moon surface and look at the footprints you’ve made on it. Adding to that, you can touch a moon rock sample brought back by Apollo 17.

#3: U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame

This section inside the “Heroes & Legends” can show you how American astronauts are remembered and honored.

Adding to that, you can see how they lived their lives of space legends/ heroes through the displays.

#2: Spaceport KSC

In this section inside the “NASA NOW & NEXT”, you can enter into the spaceport of the future and experience one of the four incredible space journeys in Spaceport KSC.

Your destination can be heading to the Mars, a Horsehead Nebula, Saturn and etc during this motion theater ride.

#1: Meet An Astronaut!

You can enter into this section in the “Heroes & Legends”, and have rare opportunities to meet NASA astronauts. During this astronaut encounter, the specialists of commanding, pilots, mission and payload will share their experiences during a presentation.

You may also visit the Astronaut of the Day at the Space Shop or Shuttle Express for his or her autograph.


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